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Wish List


One of the near-future goal of Satyam day care center is to organize a succession of friendly tournaments among children with Down Syndrome and with other people with intellectually disabilities. These tournaments will not only assist in their social and physical skills, but will also help to create a platform for them to prove that they are "more alike than different." Also, we would like to give the children more exposure to the activities they are fonder of. Unfortunately, we lack necessary updated materials to make the children's dream as exciting for them as they would have liked. It is during these times, we implore you to contribute according to your abilities for a good cause.

Please find below the items we urgently require in order to fulfill our current goal to bring more excitement into the lives of the children at SDCC. If you believe you are able to donate other items, in good condition, that would help in the physical, mental or social development of the children with down syndrome, please feel free to let us know. We will even arrange for the transportation of the materials, inside Nepal, in case of your inability to send us the materials.

Tri cycles and Bicycles

The children with down syndrome are very much interested in riding bi/tri-cycles. It is also a very good medium for physical exercise, which becomes even more invaluable when a lot of children with down syndrome are reluctant in taking part in regular exercises. Accordingly, in order to encourage adults with down syndrome about the benefits of regular exercise, we would like to provide some bicycles to individuals who are financially incapable of affording one themselves.

Microphone and Sound System:

Another objective of Satyam Day Care is to provide an environment for inclusive education and develop the communication skill of the children at the day care center. Aiding them in being able to properly communicate encourages them to be self advocating of their cause, and self independent. Effective communication also helps them to procure a variety of jobs, from entry-level to further up in the future.

With your helpful donation of a microphone and/or a sounds system we could organize various elocution, cultural, and/or music program to better their communication skills. It will also help them build their self-confidence while performing in front of a crowd, at the same time showing the general public and their parents that their children have the capability to exceed in any field they choose to undertake.

Painting materials:

Painting helps the children with Down Syndrome learn the names of different objects. Through the use of drawing and coloring the children with down syndrome share their feelings, and learn at the same time. Painting also helps them to make stimulate their imagination. With the procurement of a good set of paining instruments, viz. safe water colors, brushes etc. SDCC would encourage the children to produce more works of art that could decorate the center or even be auctioned off to collect money for more improvements and/or donations to needy children. Painting will also help to recognize and foster budding artists; who knows they may be world renowned artists in the future with people all over the world trying to get their works in their homes and in their lives.

Some other materials, in addition to the ones we mentioned above, that would definitely help the children at SDCC perform, learn, and participate better are listed below. We humbly urge you to go through the list, and if you are able to support the children in any ways possible please let us know by email at down.s.society@gmail.com.